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7 points for attention when installing casters

7 points for attention when installing casters


Proper installation of casters makes it much easier to move and move objects, but different combinations of casters have different effects on the movement of the equipment:

1. Install 3 casters, all of three casters is the swivel wheel.

 Three swivel wheel installation combination, is suitable for the barrel shape and the small equipment handling, the good maneuverability is better than assembles the same specification 4 wheel installment way.


2. Installation of 3 casters, 1 swivel wheel and 2 rigid wheels.

 The installation combination is suitable for short-distance handling of low gravity center, medium and light equipment with good directional control and economy.


3. Installation of 4 casters, two swivel wheels and two rigid wheels.

The installation combination of two rigid wheels is a conventional assembly mode, with the front two rigid wheels and the rear two movable swivel wheels close to the handrails. Suitable for long-distance handling of heavy equipment, economical and durable.


4. Installation of 4 casters

All of which are diamond-shaped layout design of 4 rigid wheels, suitable for long linear distance transportation of heavy equipment and can not be used in working face with slope.


5. Install 4 casters, two swivel with brake wheels and two rigid wheels.

Two rigid wheels in front and two swivel with brake wheels in the rear. This assembly method is suitable for long-distance and sloping road surface.


6. Install 4 casters, all of which are swivel wheels.

All of which are suitable for short-distance transportation of heavy equipment, and have excellent direction. They are often used in factories and workshops to install turnaround. Has excellent directionality and is often used for shop floor turnover.


7, Install 6 casters, 4 swivel wheels, 2 rigid wheels.

This installation combination mode is suitable for heavy equipment and extended table for long distance transportation, good handling, for horizontal contact surface.


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