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AGV driving wheel with conventional castor percent of pass is only 5%, how to choose the AGV driving wheel?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
In recent years, along with the AGV industry growing, more and more enterprises began to participate in AGV design, production. But as a representative of the domestic well-known AGV enterprise fast, its founder and CEO Yang wei has publicly noted that the early AGV parts used are all domestic manufacturers of products, there may be 95% of the equipment can reach standard of drive system. AGV, however, as a new industry, a large number of enterprises for start-ups, it is difficult to bear such a high cost of trial and error. How in the case of a limited budget, choose the suitable components become really. Today, until will come and you talk about how to choose AGV. Common AGV driving wheel on the market, the main can be divided into two categories, one is AGV assembly, integrating driving wheel in it, but higher cost; Another is to purchase motor, wheel assembly, relatively low cost, stronger quality control. Until that driving wheel on the wheel, is directly related to the stability of the motor, the motor directly influences the stability of AGV failure rate. The assembly on the market, tend to be buy regular wheels use directly, in terms of quality of the wheel, tend to focus on the AGV castor manufacturers. Choose AGV driving wheel on the wheel, prevent slippage is the key to improve friction and reduce the torque increase service life. To this, until the two countermeasures, can very good help you select a suitable driving wheel. 1, and the choice of anti-slip wheel surface can be from 2 latitude screening non-slip surface, first, to see whether wheel surface with decorative pattern, pattern design, can promote the friction driving wheel, prevent slippage. Second, the wheel surface material, such as whether to adopt rubber non-slip materials design. 2, choose to reduce torque wheel core of AGV wheels is divided into 2 kinds, with slot and without keyway, for wheels with slot, more needs to be in the middle of the wheel core and steel keyway, in order to reduce the speed reducer torsion on the impact of the keyway, improve the service life. AGV driving wheel AGV assembly price as low as hundreds of yuan, and can according to the needs of collaborative development frequently tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of fitment adapter, 99. 99% of AGV can according to need to customize, enhance the friction, prevent loss of energy overall slants big, choice of small round face professional for AGV custom wheel surface material, such as imported high-end rubber, effectively reduce the resistance of normal market order, what's the use of what ☝ until on the AGV driving wheel VS AGV assembly until on castor, as a professional AGV castor company, provide special customization service for each of the AGV. Since 2016, a year is put into a lot of money in this area, and puts forward 0 yuan mould first, the partial products up to 3 years warranty commitment, responsible for each of the AGV castor. Let every AGV have truly belong to own casters. In fact, it is thanks to the specialty of until very demanding fast warehouse for AGV accessories, for until on originality and quality is also very approval, will we as a long-term strategic cooperation partners. Domestic well-known colleges and universities such as zhejiang university, Harbin Institute of Technology, nankai university, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, etc. And until the cooperation invitation. Today, choose until on castor, is to choose mobile. Choose AGV castor, until find castor
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