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Ammonia ester castor requirements for lubricating oil

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
Never overload: should pay attention to when using industrial pu castor castor can carry maximum weight, choose appropriate load castor for use. Before use to anticipate to carry weight, select the caster and its supporting products bearing the weight bearing weight should be greater than 1. More than 5 times. Details of PU castor regularly check for the use of different places to choose different material of industrial casters: industrial caster wheel in different materials have different physical and chemical properties. In order to use the safer pu castor for what are the requirements of the lubricating oil? Castor material is different, have different use place environment, will cause the service life of the castor. When using castor should be suitable for use clear castor, avoid to cause unnecessary losses. Effective maintenance on a regular basis on castor: user operation should be conducted on a regular basis pu castor parts for maintenance. Maintenance is divided into add lubricant to the bearing and bead plate and remove the entanglement and anticorrosion of the operation area from three aspects, specific as follows: 1 caster wheel support wheel and bearing operation should also be regularly on the site of the lubricating oil to add; / news_152。
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