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Baidu AI techniques can be in seconds cloning voice _ pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
​ Baidu AI techniques can be in seconds voice _ pu castor, cloning seen Japanese anime 'conan' friends may know, conan one can voice bow, now this technology could no longer just fantasy of anime. According to foreign media technology futurism. Com2 message on Wednesday, baidu team developed a artificial intelligence neural network technology, can imitate sounds, in its demo video, the software can even imitate sounds gender changed even accent. Speech imitation is not a new technology, but with the iteration technology, the need to use the raw material length shorter. Baidu deep voice team in 2017, demonstrated to use 30 minutes long speech material for the imitation of sound, Adobe has a program called VoCo, it will sound imitation material length shortened to 20 minutes, Canada, a Lyrebird start-ups in only one minute longer material can imitate sounds. Now baidu further innovation, shorten the material time a few seconds. The technology can help create personalized digital assistants and provide a more natural voice translation service. However, like many technology, speech cloning technology also has the risk of abuse, new scientist reported use of such a technology can make a voice recognition software, has more than 95% in the test accuracy, this makes AI may voice of fraud as an accomplice. Now there are some technology make people can use the AI to replace or change some video screen, or even completely from the beginning to produce some fake video, although it is mainly do some funny video on the Internet, but also started to someone using this technique, let star & other; In & throughout; They don't have to co-star in a film or even pornography. Now, if coupled with the sound cloning technology, then we could soon be fake news bombed. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 442. html
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