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Baidu's education sector how to reposition the @ pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Baidu's education sector how to reposition the @ pu castor, how to make education more in line with the overall strategy of the baidu business transformation, in the ship is not left behind, the turn is baidu high education division general manager zhang want to every day over the past two years. Two years, baidu education core business after several adjustments. “ Our direction is now clear. ” Zhang said in an exclusive interview with the first finance and economics. This is very clear direction is in artificial intelligence & other; Teaching and learning throughout the &; The scene of the ground. On this basis, the division of income structure will change, from the current end users, mainly from C to C + B side. Classroom education wisdom is expected next year, said zhang high, baidu into about 5000 schools. Founded in late 2015, baidu education division, and cloud computing, internationalization, security and other business together, go to emerging business enterprise group, by baidu CEO zhang unified management. That year, baidu in a large adjustment on the internal architecture. At the end of the year for the education business of the adjustment, the classes, the library and reading are packaged into a new business career. However, although is go to a business group, the baidu education still is divided into two lines: one is the class website, one is baidu library. The lesson is baidu in 2014 acquisition of sharing platform in a network. Founded in 2009, library is baidu endogenous products. Even after the education department was established, the two lines is still managed by different head. Article is divided into two lines of business, but also because this time the baidu education, still continue the search for the strategies of The Times, content distribution as the core, trying to make the nation's largest education content platform. Baidu's education sector how to reposition the @ pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 412. html
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