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Between the three part of castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
Before have introduced castor accessories, believe you also have a certain understanding; So today we can further to get to know the composition of castor, a complete castor it certainly is not a single wheel, it also need to group cooperation, it has its own set of partners. The composition is divided into three steps of castor. Truckle body, the first part is often said to the second part is the brake system, the third part is the steering gear disk. A perfect castor is through these three parts, but also can according to the specific situation to make reasonable planning and flexible application, so do not necessarily have to this three parts, should be in demand. Below we will part from these three castor further explain their respective represents what. Castor subject; This is for castor pin joint seat, the main part is very important. This wheel group consists of the wheel, shaft rod, sealing body and fender, the trundle body is equipped with the cylinder block ahead, and concave is equipped with two embedded at the bottom of the tank, castor subject in castor main cylinder of the front concave groove, the groove is equipped with the chimeric grooves on both sides; Braking system: the location within the truckle body bottom concave, the brake system consists of brake shrapnel, lower brake knob and press the button type brake component combination; Must to the system, is located in castor concave surface at the bottom of the main body, the directional system includes positioning card, pedals and composite board combination; Steering gear disk: the position in the braking system brakes shrapnel toothed plate above, the tooth disc brake with shrapnel is a integrated, so the tooth disk that occlusal steering gear disk form card upward displacement at the same time, make the castor can achieve the purpose of braking and steering motionless at the same time. Castor three parts is also very simple, as long as carefully read the above introduction, you will be able to clearly identify which belongs to a part of what it is. This can be a very good help you more detailed introduction of castor for our customers. Still have a lot of unknown castor, also hope that we can find it more to understand.
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