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Professional Caster Manufacturer since 2007

Dajin was founded in 2007 and has devoted 12 years to manufacturing caster wheels. It’s a global leader of the industry. We are Alibaba TOP 1 supplier and have cooperated with customers from all over the world.

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Dajin Only Produces High Quality Casters

Currently, we have full production lines for punching, welding, bending, injection molding, electroplating, assembling and testing. We choose eco-friendly materials to meet international quality and environmental standards. 

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11 Years of OEM/ODM Service Experience

The professional R&D team to design and develope casters products according to customers’ need. We offer customized options such as material, mounting type, loading capacity etc. Tell us your idea and let us make it come true!

Caster Wheels of Top Quality

Dajin is Alibaba TOP 1 supplier. We manufacture with high efficiency and high quality standard. Our factory is equipped with many advanced equipment for different production process. We choose new eco-friendly raw materials to meet environmental requirements.


We also have professional QC team and equipment for caster quality test, which include walking performance test, salt spray test, brake fatigue test, load test, brake performance test, impact force test and etc. We are committed to manufacturing high quality products to meet industry standards and help solve your problems.


Dajin's caster wheels have been widely used in furniture, food service carts, medical equipment and industrial equipment etc.

Professional Custom Solution and Advice Provider

Dajin offers professional customized solution to help customers get the ideal casters for their special usage. In order to manufacture the caster with precision and perfection, we need to confirme with customers with some details:


1 - Calculate the load weight of caster

In order to calculate the load capacity of various casters, the net weight of transport equipment, maximum load and the number of single wheel or caster used must be provided. A single wheel or caster load capacities as needed calculation is as follows: T = (E + Z)/M x N. T = load capacity required by a single wheel or caster; E = net weight of transportation equipment; Z = maximum load; M = the number of single wheel or caster used; N = safety coefficient (about 1.3 to 1.5).


2 - Decide the material of the wheel or caster

Consideration on the size of road, obstacles, remaining substances on the application area (such as iron scraps, grease), surrounding conditions and floor surfaces (such as high temperature or low temperature, humid; carpet floor, concrete floor, wood floor, etc.) Rubber caster, PP caster, Nylon caster, PU caster, TPR caster and anti-static caster are applicable to different special areas.


3 - Decide caster diameter

The larger the diameter of the caster, the easier the movement and the larger the load capacity, which can also protect the floor from any damage. The selection of caster diameter should be decided by the load capacity requirement.


4 - Decide the mounting types of the caster

In general, mounting types include Top plate fitting, Threaded stem fitting, Stem and Socket fitting, Grip ring fitting, Expanding stem fitting, Stemless fitting, it depends on the design of transport equipment.


If you're interested in getting your unique designed casters, send inquiry now and tell us your idea!


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