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Castor for enterprises to increase flexible workplaces

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
With the development of science and technology, the change of The Times, now has entered the information age, enterprises are facing a new topic -- — Speed, how to meet user needs as fast as they become a big issue. Enterprises in the actual operation process, the first is to produce products in the warehouse, and then sell. Problems, because of the high inventory, lead to a lot of products need to discount, however, many foreign enterprises can be predicted months in advance to the demands of consumers, its products and the market is fully synchronous. Within the enterprise how to buy foot and changeable market demand? Facts have proved that the lean production mode can solve the problems. Lean production as a kind of from the environment to the management goal is a new management thought, and success in practice. It is not simply the application of one, two kind of new management means, but a set of with the enterprise environment, culture and management method of highly integrated management system, and so lean production is itself an autonomous system. It is how to solve this problem? Flexible workplace the essence of lean production mode, also known as just-in-time production, only from conceptual understanding to the meaning of 'on time', that means the required products, when necessary, only the number of production required. Only in this way can we achieve the ultimate goal, that is, produce benefit by cutting costs. In order to adapt to the change of market need, to make the scene of the homework personnel quantity flexibility, so as to achieve the aim of 'on time', which is called little humanization in lean production. Market demand for the product function and quality request is higher and higher, the product update cycle shorter, the complexity of the products is increased, the traditional way of mass production has been challenged. In the way of mass production, flexible and productivity are contradictory. As is known to all, only a single, large batch, equipment, process stability, high efficiency, can constitute the scale economic benefit; Conversely, many varieties, small batch production, equipment of low specificity, in the case of processing form similar, frequent adjuster fixture, process stability harder, production efficiency will inevitably be affected. In order to improve the efficiency of the flexible and production of manufacturing industry, at the same time on the premise of guarantee the quality of products, shorten production cycle, reduce product cost, can make the small batch production can contend with mass production, flexible production line then arises at the historic moment. In the lean production system advocated by establish a flexible workplace according to process requirements, and use the necessary number of people ( Less humanization) , its essence is to establish efficient and flexible production line to meet the changing market demand, thus reducing the wip, improve work efficiency, so as to achieve the ultimate goal - — Reduce the cost to produce benefit. First of all know what little people? Implementation of humanized purpose and method of so-called less less humanization is the changes in production on demand ( To reduce or increase) When the changes ( To reduce or increase) The number of people the scene of the homework assignments. Is less humanization, must reduce the amount of homework personnel according to the demand of the change of special significance, its purpose is to maintain efficient work efficiency. In a production line, for example, 10 100 operators production output, but the market change only need 80 products production, and the yield decreased to 80%, homework personnel must also be reduced to eight, to ensure the production efficiency has been. Can be seen from the above example is less significance of humanization, then set up to achieve less humanized workplaces is particularly important. Humanization is less with minimal staff is required to correspond to the demand of the market, it is humanization and reduce the complement system of province have distinction, therefore to: 1. No matter who can simple operation standardization; 2. In machinery and equipment are installed on the caster, can make its free movement; 3. Eliminate the distance of the island, concentrated in one place, manage multiple projects; 4. Rotation operations, develop any project can do a good job of talent; 5. Abandon 'the project is by how many people into' the thinking method of the complement system. A operators operating in the same job, a lot of the same kind of machine, called this work to manage multiple machines. To manage multiple projects, by contrast, is refers to the order in accordance with the operation flow, a lot of engineering management. Management more machines, although increased the Numbers, but not just simply think that improve the efficiency, this is because in the engineering, production to commence, so can increase the semi-finished products in the middle. The next day production quantity changes, the management way of multiple machines for machines are fixed, and is more difficult to increase or decrease the operators; And to manage multiple projects can be flexible enough to cope with increase or decrease in production. In addition, in the case of managing multiple projects, if there are other operators to join, will help to improve the original manufacturers. / news_18。
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