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Castor industry 2015 Asia international logistics technology exhibition and transportation system

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Asia 2015 exhibition international logistics technology and transportation system is an influential exhibition, it combines relevant material handling and automation technology, transport systems and logistics international event, at the same time from the world each big castor giant will gather here; The exhibition is not only a display products and the company's platform, but also an opportunity to learn from each other each other, I believe that through this exhibition, everyone would have a better understanding of castor. Dongguan kaixin castor co. , LTD also will be present at the Shanghai exhibition, castor will also bring a core product with you to discuss the future of the industry development. Shanghai castor exhibition schedule: on October 27, 2015 29 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 on October 30, 2015 - 14:00 exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center co. , LTD. , Shanghai, 2345 longyang road, pudong new area, matters needing attention: 1, the exhibitors shall strictly abide by the above date arrangement. 2, for the application of light to booth, booth schedule permitting, exhibits can arrive early booth. Please contact the specified shippers to arrange specific matters. 3, we suggest that exhibitors at the end of the show at the end of the day to start sorting items and their belongings. Should be early contact with specified shippers. End to dismantle the standard exhibition booth, exhibitors shall promptly remove the panel on the useful promotional materials or posters. 4, during the exhibition, the exhibitors can hen: 30 minutes early, and can be closed after the exhibition in the museum stay for 30 minutes. The exhibitors staff should be 15 minutes in advance before the exhibition. 5, October 30, at 2 PM people stop them; Power at 3 PM. The Shanghai exhibition in addition to it is more important with the castor industry exhibition thought, is also meaningful for other industries. In the process of performing this exhibition, we should learn from each other at the same time, provide the quality of the product itself and function, so as to stand out from so many beauties. I believe that the castor industry will be more brilliant tomorrow.
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