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Castor installation instructions

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
Do you know how to install casters? Install the castor what is the right way? It is flexible, when choosing castor, to determine a good of the specifications of the caster, caster and correct installation methods is also very important, not only can guarantee the flexibility of castor, improve work efficiency; Can also extend the service life of castor, until the caster and introduce you to the correct castor installation instructions: 1, castor installation, need to keep the install state level. 2, universal casters, maintain the axis of rotation in the installation of the vertical condition. 3, confirm the connection is fixed position, select the appropriate size of the screw, nut, washer and so on insert mounting holes, tighten the caster until no clearance, in order to avoid loose. In particular, tighten the screws, to the appropriate torque tighten hexagon parts. In order to avoid excessive twist into the expansion of the axis of rotation, leading to fracture. 4, braking casters in the installation, please avoid brake under the running condition of screw into the installation, otherwise it will cause brake damage, deformation, performance degradation. 5, directional wheel and castor choose the same specifications of the products, make the cooperation degree is higher, work better coordination degree. After the installation of castor, as far as possible to ensure that every caster of stability and flexibility, can be at ease use after everything would be all right. Well, wrote so many, everybody got it? If still can't figure out, you can contact our customer service QQ800045780 or telephone 86 - 021 - Small until 59993780, will wholeheartedly for you to solve all aspects castor confusion, of course, if you have the castor customization requirements, we can help you customize the castor!
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