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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Rarely on the net to find the relevant technical knowledge about castor, we see is the picture, and this factor will make a lot of entering the industry is facing great difficulties. Castor as commonly used hardware fittings in our life, it's on sale when it was already finished, we can buy come over after the use, of course the installation some friends will encounter some problems, but this is not can't solve the problem, relatively little problems. A problem and we are engaged in castor industry is inevitable, but it can learn more about the caster and related technical knowledge is beneficial harmless. Often we're going to have some customers in the work, the caster wheel load is not very understanding. About this kind of problem also does not have the relevant technical articles online, so a lot of customers are oneself fumble, so it's more demanding a waste of time. Let's use simple introduction about the caster wheel load related knowledge, hope everyone to trundle known to have further improved. Caster wheel load is usually be divided into three kinds, namely the driving load, static load and impact load. The three load the word there is no difference, but it has a lot to do in the application process; We can literally are simple to understand its meaning. The driving load is mainly mature castor only in the process of moving is known as the weight of the caster wheel driving load; Static load refers to truckle under stationary state can bear the weight of the known as castor static load; Impact load refers to the fundamental castor found impact when can bear the weight of the known as castor castor instant impact load. While the three load in the static load is the most can reflect the bearing weight of castor. Castor driving load and static load depends on the size of the caster, material. Castor of static load should be higher than that of moving load and impact load. By castor above three kinds of load, now we have a concept of caster wheel load, at the same time also believe that when choosing castor, we should know by driving load, static load or shock load to choose trundle bearing capacity, so that more conducive to our judgment, to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary factors, improve the rationality of the use castor.
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