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Children furniture casters need a locking function

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
'Children furniture general technical conditions' has been carrying out a year, and many children furniture put the furniture in the store are mostly without locking. And according to the condition, children's furniture in addition to the swivel chair, equipped with castor products should be at least two casters can be locked or at least two castor weight from foot to foot. That is to say, banned the sale cannot lock castor or not take the ark of the head of a bed of the caster wheel weight from foot to foot. Another three drawer of the bedside table, the bottom also have casters, four are activities, all without locking function, also does not have the caster wheel weight from foot to foot, a force and sliding up slightly. At the bottom of the cabinet put oneself in another's position and ground the same gap between larger, when the children are playing, the arm or leg is very easy to get stuck inside; At this point if the cabinet because children struggle and sliding, may cause drag and drop, make children hurt. The brand's sales staff, said to have locking casters, consumers have to spend more on the original price 200 yuan of money, to custom.
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