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Crack castor translational mystery pressure-pad-force 20 international

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Why the flying plate through reverse castor can only produce translation? What's the mystery bottles rolling downhill race? These is no extracurricular small problem sets, but 20 physicists 13 years American youth championship title. This year, shenzhen middle school team beat the U. S. teams, won the race to become the first team in China. Pressure-pad-force team beat the elite 'any doubt people in today's high school students enthusiastic about science, it must be without the experience of the tournament. 'The American young physicists, tournament organizers G regJacobs is a middle school physics teacher in the United States. Launched by his this competition, held once a year. Each year the problem released a year in advance, there is no standard answer. Students can use the basic equipment through a variety of ways to study of the problem. Teams this year, for example, to study is one of the problems of two kinds of caster wheel scooter and flying turtle. Participants after a year of study, research and experiment, finally came to explain how each trundle through driver rotation to produce translation, and the professional personage answer questions. The championship is not as good as famous Olympic competition, but also attracts many famous universities participate in. And dozens of the referee is professor of physics from universities and research units or a physicist. Won the championship in 2011 is an American theH arkerSchool, graduates of the university from 2010 to 2012, 32 people was admitted to Stanford university, 14 people into Yale, 12 people went to harvard, 38 people in Princeton. This year, pressure-pad-force team was defeated in the final, the school won the champion, becoming the first Chinese team to win the contest. It is reported that this year's four questions, at university level, and 4 teams in addition to American high school, a Tunisian high school, there are two Chinese high school. Game 1 solstice in February 2, held in California. These open questions, is not easy than traditional contest questions. Contestants Qiao Bixing pressure-pad-force says, they start in February last year, with a long time to learn the related knowledge of college physics, to around October into the experimental stage, 'the school offers two sound waves interferometer are disassembling countless times, basic on Monday to Friday after school time to soak in the laboratory, sometimes one bubble is 5 hours. 'Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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