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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
Castor industry annual Asia international logistics technology and transportation system in exhibition held in Shanghai new international exhibition center, the Asian logistics exhibition by the China federation of logistics and purchasing , Chinese mechanical engineering society ( cme) , Hanover milan exhibition ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , German hannover exhibition company jointly hosted. Chamber of commerce of China and the United States, Germany, machinery manufacturers association ( VDMA) Material handling and logistics technology committee, the asia-pacific logistics alliance ( APLF) And the material handling industry association ( MHIA) In collaboration with the joint. CeMAT Asia 2016 international exhibition of logistics technology and transportation system embody a concentrated reflection of Asia and the world leading logistics technology and achievement, in the show many new and high technology and equipment at the exhibition hall, the audience attracted a large number of industry. The basis of the top logistics products and technology cannot leave the material and accessories, and even decided to key equipment overall quality. Walking components, which is the basis for the logistics equipment, industrial casters become indispensable key components, kaixin castor is specializing in the production of polyurethane casters, resistance to high temperature, conductive castor castor, super artificial tire, nylon casters, etc as the main industry of professional industrial castor manufacturers. With the development of new products took part in the exhibition, attracts the attention from relevant manufacturers and the new and old customers. Dajin castor has always been committed to high quality pu castor, resistance to high temperature casters, the super artificial lugs, conducting the research and development and production of the caster wheel, nylon casters, through continuous efforts and growth, in the industry achieved a good result, performance year-on-year growth of 20% in 2016. And constantly promote independent research and development ability, the use of the technology improve the quality, imported raw materials to ensure the quality of the source control. 2016 has introduced the latest imported materials forming technology, promoted a grade again. Dajin castor pu castor, high temperature resistant, conductive castor castor, super artificial tire, nylon casters in reservoir models adopted both at home and abroad, supply products for many foreign well-known domestic enterprises, and brands more than domestic models as supporting enterprise. And exported to Japan, Germany, Russia and other countries. Multiple products applied for national patent protection. Dajin pu castor, resistance to high temperature, conductive castor castor, super artificial tire, industrial casters, such as nylon casters adhering to the quality first, the quality of the consistent, win the market and word of mouth. Continuous participation in Hanover international logistics technology exhibition and event related industries, will continue after strengthen research and development and production capacity expansion, show more industrial casters technology and products. Dajin castor for future market is full of passion and information.
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