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Galvanized processing of universal wheel caster stents rust resistance is very durable

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
Zaoqiang east caster wheel as it is the responsibility of castor manufacturers, will be to introduce the castor system comprehensive knowledge, for reference in choosing a castor wheels. In the previous article, introduce the advantages of polyurethane casters, here for you to introduce the benefits of the caster stents galvanized processing. In the overall structure of the industrial casters, stent is an important part of. So when choosing industrial casters, especially pay attention to the caster stents. Zaoqiang east castor stent, are all made of galvanized processing. So, galvanized processing castor bracket what are the advantages? First, through galvanized processing of universal wheel bracket, antirust performance is very persistent, normal use will not rust in three years; Second, universal wheel bracket of galvanized processing good reliability, galvanized layer and steel is metallurgical combination between, become a part of the steel surface, thus the durability of the coating is more reliable; Third, the toughness of the coating is strong, in the universal wheel stent surface, galvanized layer to form a kind of special metallurgical structure, this structure can bear in the movement and mechanical damage when using; Fourth, galvanized layer can protect universal wheel bracket, comprehensive plating pieces of each part can zinc plating, even in the cavity, sharp corners and hidden can be fully protected; Fifth, galvanized after welding does not affect the universal wheel bracket ( Such as: after assembly welding) 。 / news_24。
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