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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
A growing number of instruments and meters, and other areas of the precision equipment is applied more and more, and because of the needs of the job scene, requirements often mobile, and use time not sure. Horizontal adjustment of castor just to solve this kind of problem. Instruments and meters, cabinets and other load in 2 tons the following equipment can be installed to adjust castor, move will adjust feet high, is the equivalent of steering castor, not move to adjust the feet down or to place it in the brake state, also can make the wheel does not turn is equivalent to not casters. In September 2014, after several bidding price comparison, big into castor due to its rigorous process control and process quality professional castor industry experience and times marina, selected, first develop electric control cabinet is special castor, alternative products in Germany. With the increase of dosage of electric control cabinet castor, big into castor company with marina, cooperation projects, more and more of the company. Marina's cabinet on other products, such as GE, also gradually replace ChengDaJin 3030 nylon casters, using low center of gravity device IBM's cabinet, single wheel load of 600 kg, the big four bearing into the company for its development and nylon 3030 low centre of gravity is castor, these products have received the recognition from the terminal customers. Lower the anchor height can make the wheels don't touch the ground, generally do not need to make the wheel off the ground, of course, also can be fixed. As shown in figure: ordinary higher load level regulating wheel, principle and the principle of light level regulating wheel are basically identical. Product features: 1, the shell composed of aluminum alloy die-casting, better strength, resistance to pressure is stronger; 2, the wheel material is nylon, increased the strength and durability; 3, horizontal adjusting anchor consists of high quality synthetic rubber, corrosion and vibration resistance; 4, manually or using a wrench, easily will anchor raise or lower; 5, surface treatment: powder spraying process, corrosion resistance is strong; 6, bottom plate forging process and stamping process, and have three kinds of bolt type, satisfy different customers' requirements. Product use: 1, mainly used for testing equipment, medical equipment, optical equipment, clean room equipment, packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, precision machine tool, special workbench. This paper label: horizontal adjustment wheel on a bag a castor castor equipment at low center of gravity castor application and installation of the next article: castor installation way of 8 kinds of collocation
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