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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer of industrial casters in machinery manufacturing and industrial production not only has a high application value in particular, the current industrial castor widely popular with the market. So in specific industrial casters procurement, what should pay attention to the point, how to choose suitable for enterprise use of industrial casters? First, make sure the company required the material of industrial casters. Material directly determines the application scope and the intensity of industrial caster wheel, the material of industrial casters usually have pu, nylon, rubber, cast iron, plastic, etc. Among them, pu, nylon is the most common castor material, are used in various situations, is the general material. For some special places, such as the special requirements of some extremely demanding occasions, can choose a particular material in order to achieve the use effect. Second, the choice of industrial caster wheel support. Is the bearing mechanism of the castor castor stents, stent solid or not directly determines the length of service life of the caster. Caster wheel bearing is, of course, the bigger the better, but also want to choose appropriate to ensure that the bearing capacity of caster and castor flexibility and ease of manipulation. Castor stent, the choice of mainly depends on the thickness of the bracket welded steel and welding technology level. Only a certain thickness of high qualified steel plate with good welding technology, so made from castor stents can stand the test of time. Third, choose according to road use occasions caster wheel size. The larger the caster wheel size, the easier it is to promote the obstacle ability is stronger, but turned to flexibility and therefore reduced. Wheels as lightweight flexible, can control degree is big, but the barrier ability is very small. Procurement of industrial casters, therefore, need to determine according to the factory floor.
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