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In recent years, castor - development and change

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Heavy duty castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers since the reform and opening up over the years, countries in the development of different industries is very quickly, especially in the 80 s, with the rapid growth of the national import and export trade, transportation and logistics industries to glow the vitality. In transportation and logistics industries, has spawned batch size of strength of castor manufacturers. Trade in the 21st century, logistics, retail market, demand for casters in the mining areas such as mining is also increasing, especially in the Internet to promote the express logistics industry, demand for castor is an unprecedented increase. Review in recent years, the domestic development of castor plant is obvious. Production technology: castor production has low introductory sill, from the past stage of intensive labor became now need to rely on advanced technology development, high automation level. In the past in the 80 s to 90 s, the state's castor production base mainly concentrated in the coastal generation. When castor production technology is relatively backward, castor production technology level of high and low around the time, the quality good and bad are intermingled. As the national financial international market, participate in international competition, castor technology has improved significantly. In addition to improvements in manufacturing process, also introduced the national advanced product testing system. After a series of industrial upgrading and technology to improve, castor manufacturing industry to achieve today's level.
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