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Intelligent handling equipment castor conforms to the selection criteria

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Intelligent handling equipment can improve the efficiency of the operation of the handling operation, at the same time also can better realize the displacement of the intelligent security always reduce the handling process for all types of objects scratch etc. The incidence of accidents, so intelligent handling equipment has been widely used in many areas of the economy, such as industry, textile industry, construction industry, etc. Intelligent handling equipment want to have a very good use effect, still need to be able to fulfil all kinds of details, especially the parts of the operating equipment quality is the need to focus on one problem, intelligent handling equipment castor with a series of special castor equipment, its bearing capacity test more strict than normal casters. Intelligent handling equipment castor involves practical caster configuration field, today let's take a look at the screen of automatic assembly machine, or is intelligence handling machine castor products need to pay attention to what is screening techniques. First is adapted to the castor products detection, different handling equipment for different requirements for the design of various types of casters products, so we are considering the castor product configuration will not be able to take one size fits all purchase way, but need to be able to combine caster design parameters and various intelligent handling equipment requirements to targeted selection, intelligent equipment and automated production equipment compared to choose the AGV castor, such castor, chassis design safety, and high operating flexibility, to achieve the goal of intelligent operation. At the same time, we are considering intelligent handling castor needs to be able to do when bearing test, load test in order to be able to avoid when overload phenomenon such as daily use equipment, improve the transport quality and efficiency, castor professional bearing test includes two kinds of dynamic load test and static load test, if want to let other professional castor can has a better application effect, can ask professional personage to improve the inspection process, including the caster wheel braking force experiment, the horizontal force static experiment and the steering system dynamics experiment and to evaluate. Intelligent handling castor belongs to one of the high frequency using a combination of components, so the quality of such devices must be able to pass, recommend to preferred brand products, and if in the industrial, textiles and other industries use castor, considering the daily all kinds of cargo handling more frequently and the load is larger, Each trundle bearing range between 150 kg to 700 kg, is more suitable for 5 to 6 mm stamping hot forging and welding of double row ball wheel. Finally, we need to carefully consider different intelligent material handling equipment casters, because different environment the caster appropriate for the product is not the same, if the condition of road construction has a tough environment, suggest to use pu or full iron castor, can reduce the friction material loss caused by the surface. Truckle most intelligent handling equipment is the directional wheel and the combination of universal wheel, in addition to the bearing capacity and its parameters of castor, also need to be able to take into account the brake performance, support to gap between size and so on, the design requirements of intelligent handling castor is higher, many customers will also consider custom castor service, compared with the finished products design, custom truckle to its design flexibility, better able to use professional fields, so that they can make.
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