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Introduction to castor castor manufacturer maintenance method and rust

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Castor rust and what factors through the experiment we found that water and oxygen is to make the cause of the castor is easy to rust. Light has water won't rust castor, only when the oxygen dissolved in the water in the air, oxygen in water environment and castor chemical reactions occur, will generate something called oxidation castor, this is the castor rust. Castor is a substance of palm red rust, it is not as hard as castor, it is easy to fall off. After a castor completely rust, the volume can be increased 8 times. If you don't remove castor rust, the spongy castor rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, castor will rust faster. Know the secrets of castor rust, we can effectively prevent the formation of castor rust. Castor manufacturers in damp places of castor castor than dry place is more easy to rust, because in damp places of castor castor than dry place easier to contact with water. Truckle products and the paint is not easy to rust because of the paint have played an important role in isolation from the air and water. Furniture castor maintenance methods: actually there are many factors influencing the office furniture of castor, castor is the most important part of the stents can choose whether to closely combines with the actual needs. When using castor, its overall operating structure for office furniture, especially the use of castor and fasteners stability plays a very important role, castor manufacturers therefore, dongguan equipment regular maintenance castor is necessary. First of all, should use the pliers to fixed loose screw and nut, castor manufacturers check whether the bracket is bent. If there are any abnormal, please repair or replacement. Second, must be the trundle bearing lubrication and maintenance, such as injection of lubricant, and check whether the fastening casing is strong. Finally, also to wrapped around the caster wheel on the clean up debris, reduce foreign body wear. All in all, daily office furniture caster and regular maintenance, not only can prolong the service life of office furniture, and can reduce the cost of enterprise management.
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