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Is installation service provided for heavy duty adjustable casters ?
With a focus on customers' potential needs, Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd.has the ability to provide one-stop solutions. Dajin's industrial casters has wide application. Here are a few examples for you. Dajin's heavy duty adjustable casters are well-designed and practical. They feature good quality, fine workmanship and reasonable price. The products are of excellent quality and favorable price, please feel free to contact us for quotation! The rubber casters series has become a hot product of Dajin.

How to maintain lubricating oil filtration equipment? 1. selection of lubricating oil and its adjustment method: \ r ① selection of lubricating oil is very important for efficient and trouble-free operation of gear equipment, and must strictly abide by the requirements put forward for oil use, in particular, the requirements for viscosity; viscosity is determined by the rate of the tooth joint circulation of the engagement gear and the operating and climatic conditions. \ R 2 when loading lubricating oil, especially in the oil room connected to multi-stage gear equipment, the final oil level will be observed after the oil distribution is uniform; \ r 3 the viscosity value of lubricating oil changes with the change of ambient temperature; if the required viscosity range is not appropriate, the lubricating oil with higher viscosity needs to be selected; \ r 4 when the equipment stops running, after the oil has cooled down, check the oil level frequently. the oil level cannot be lower than the lowest oil level i

How about 3 m water purifier? In fact, many models in the early stage of 3 M belong to the micro-filtration level, (but we can't say that the accuracy of the filter element of others is indeed better than that of activated carbon technology) but don't forget, the root of the matter, he is also a 'micro filter' level! So your feeling will say that the filtering effect of 3 M is not good! It is very normal, and the mineral water that the manufacturer mainly focuses on is actually true. this is a topic of wiping balls, and the tap water also contains certain minerals, so in a certain way, the tap water is also mineral water! All you have to do is sell unreliable! And now go to some stores in 3 M, you can also see that the proportion of pure water machines displayed in the store is very high, and all manufacturers are just catering to the market, in terms of the complexity of water quality in China, it is still a more reliable pure water machine. Next, we will do an analysis and purchase of several mainstream
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