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Medical casters, should pay attention to what aspects when choosing

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Medical caster has been widely used in modern medical industry, this kind of casters products is one of the devices in order to be able to adapt to hospital environment use, mainly divided into light-duty castor and heavy-duty casters, metal stents castor etc, now to the further development of the castor products, medical caster design and type is also more and more, but we are considering medical truckle to purchase or need to pay attention to several aspects. First is the rotational flexibility of castor, medical truckle to be flexible, so in order to be able to use the use of daily demand, at the time of purchase castor can install ball bearing in the single wheel, so also can carry heavier load, at the same time, it turned to will be more flexible, which are frequently used in current medical truckle products are light castor galvanized support circular pole of chloroprene rubber roller, the characteristics of such castor castor is environmental protection products design, at the same time, it can match the precision ball bearing, flexible rotation, light, if has the need to can in castor with double brake equipment. Second, castor products need to consider its bearing range, practicability in order to be able to buy a better product, suggest you can load capacity calculation under various casters need beforehand, must guide the product weight, maximum load-bearing capacity, need the number of single and double, such as castor metal stents in the medical industry used more widely, the appearance of such castor, adopted the stents galvanized way can reduce the surface rust problem, and it also can meet the demand of the use of medical casters, no noise, use process toward flexible, elastic, at the same time also can match the super mute bearing, can prevent winding, etc. Such castor maximum carrying capacity in 146 kg. Again, we need to consider to purchase a suitable wheel frame, generally speaking, when we are considering to purchase medical casters, first need to consider the trundle bearing capacity and using environment, in general, the use of the medical industry environment is good, can choose steel sheet stamping and plating wheel frame, this kind of wheel frame is to compare the characteristics of thin, flexible operation, to meet the requirements of the medical profession mute use. Medium high elastic rubber mute casters is more commonly used a caster design, it support bracket double bead plate structure, plate track after heat treatment, durable, the wheels also has a high quality of thermoplastic elastomer injection, highly elastic, fine ball bearings with an organic whole, beautiful and taxi when the noise is small, suitable for hospitals, hotels and other places of quiet. If the recent plan to buy medical truckle friend can focus on the delisting the castor products sell well on the court, and combining with actual situation to do screening, if hesitate to buy that kind of casters products, may wish to consult the related staff, many workers are willing to with the customer to do a detailed product introduction. Although numerous said castor products today, but in order to be able to better use effect, still can suggest preferred brand castor products, so the quality will be more available, and will also last longer, and sales services will be more perfect, fully safeguard the interests of customers, especially on medical truckle for medical career product is cannot careless, hope everybody can buy cheap and fine medical truckle products.
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