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Meet this kind of light smooth pu castor to accept it

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
Meet this kind of light smooth pu castor quickly accepted, especially universal casters products have a high degree of flexibility of castor production castor pay attention to. Castor flexible or not, is to support the caster equipment can normal function of the key factors effectively. And the sound of the castor flexibility factor to roughly production material and the selection of bearing. Ball bearing can support castor freely run under stress environment, special tailor-made ball bearing on the use of special flexible smoothly. In as far as possible to avoid the left wheel seal occasions, you need to use rubber or other quality of a material of polyester tire without the castor wheel seal, when the choice must pay attention to combining with its flexible use. Use on the rough ground, should wear resistance and resilient rubber, polyurethane or super synthetic rubber wheels; Working in special high temperature or low temperature, or working environment temperature difference is very big, should choose metal wheels or special high temperature resistant wheels; Where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static castor, of course, if the ground does not require protection also can choose metal wheel. The user has the responsibility to correct operation and maintenance of artificial material handling equipment, if the operation error will lead to some of the products are easily damaged, and the correct use of the product and effective maintenance of the casters will be the best effect. Equipment not overweight. For the installation of universal wheel carts or equipment not overload. Try not to operate at high speeds. These actions will produce strong shock and vibration, lead to universal wheel casters, wheels and the device does not work. Among various kinds of application of castor bearing, plain bearing is the most simple form of the wheel bearing, mainly by bearing or sliding friction bearings. To the earthquake, almost no maintenance, and on the basis of the characteristics of materials, corrosion resistant. So if the device only in the case of short distance, low speed, this kind of bearing is the most suitable. Roller bearing strong seismic bearing is mainly used to transport equipment casters. Compared with other bearing, roller bearing for its extremely low installation height, the relatively low rolling resistance and is famous for its great weight. Equipped with roller bearing wheel speed of not more than 4 km/h, close to people walking speed. Compared with the ordinary bearing cone bearing, its special advantage to expand the field of use, can provide the moving characteristic of improvement. Design of precision ball bearing is unique, and conform to the German industrial standards ( DIN) Single rotate precision ball bearing is a bearing of the highest quality models. With the ball bearing wheel even carrying the maximum load, remained very low rolling resistance. Meet this kind of light smooth pu castor to accept it, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 240. html
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