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Multiple perspectives analysis pu castor gradeability and carrying capacity

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
This is a very regular arrangement, most of the polyurethane caster equipment are universal wheel, has the very good direction control, suitable for long distance, and has a certain bearing capacity. Another layout arrangement for the diamond. In front of a universal wheel, there are two among the steering wheel, there is a universal wheel behind. This arrangement, easy to move forward and backward and lack of climbing ability and certain carrying capacity. Diamond array, four direction wheel assembly. Multiple perspectives analysis pu castor gradeability and carrying capacity of industrial and living, industrial logistics pu castor is our good helper, reduced the difficulty of our work, it is easy to achieve our goals. A good pu castor can give you a very good experience. We have a special hobbies are of high quality casters. , however, we have ignored the casters under the chassis of castor is an important aspect of how to use, and reasonable decorate can make castor give full play to its performance. Pu castor manufacturers rectangular bracket, assembly four universal wheel and two steering wheel. Layout in the previous two universal wheel, two wheels at the back, two directional wheel in the middle, this arrangement used six pu castor, can be seen from the number on the good bearing capacity, and before and after universal wheel, the steering capability is very good also. Suitable for long distance transport heavy equipment, on the uneven ground. It can also be steadily moving on the surface. Decorate in the six industrial logistics pu castor assembly, there are two types of casters, one kind is available in 360 degrees of rotation of the steering wheel, that is, a universal wheel, the other one is a spinning wheel. Universal wheel to help you change direction in advance, the steering wheel to help you better understand your castor. How to better use castor, let me tell you, this is a brand pu castor 10 years of experience. Triangle support, and a universal wheel and two steering wheel. In front of a universal wheel, two behind the steering wheel. This applies to applicable Yu Zhongguang equipment, low center of gravity device, easy to control. This arrangement is also a kind of economic stability. Suitable for short distance transportation. Assemble two steering wheel, two wheels. There are two kinds of arrangement: one kind is 2 universal wheel, the other is 2 to the wheel. Tripod stand three universal wheel is a triangle. This arrangement is more suitable for the barrel or the processing of small devices, and has a good motion performance. In addition, the triangle is a sustained and stable arrangement. It is more flexible than 4 universal wheel, four wheels stability will not loss. For small devices, it is a good choice. Suitable for short distance transportation. High elastic polyurethane casters wholesale in order to make customers buy genuine products, hope to be of help. This method is called & other; Combustion method & throughout; 。 We can according to the burning flame, smoke, odour, after burning ashes to identify pu castor material: polypropylene ( PP) : easy burning, light plastic, uniform surface melt during burning, and viscous filaments. This is also a diamond arrangement, only the diamond is consists of a steering wheel. From this you can see, in the design of cutting is not allowed. This design is designed for straight line. It can carry heavy equipment, can be carried for long distances, not on the slope. Four wheels rectangular support universal wheel as the rectangle, the handling of heavy equipment is suitable for narrow scope, suitable for short distance transportation, suitable for a certain slope. Nylon ( PA) : not easy combustion, the combustion with the smell of burning hair, after the burning surface of the bubble, and viscous filaments. Nylon PA: high temperature combustion status with PA material, but after burn surface with white powder. Polyurethane ( PU) : easy burning, burning light white smoke from time to tome, easy to melt, without stimulating smell, sticky filaments. Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) : easy burning, burning with a thick black smoke, have a pungent odor, non sticky filaments, after burning surface in black toner. ( ​ )
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