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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer of heavy double directional heavy two-wheel castor castor characteristics and the application principle, characteristics and application of place, so that in the design, research, principle, characteristics and application of place, so that in the design. One, to carry on the reasonable choice, safe, reliable and economic construction. Second, the approach after inspection earnestly, necessary for the production of polyurethane manufacturers before construction. Use of substandard two-wheel casters. Third, the construction of heavy double directional casters, polyurethane two-wheel castor welding work is the key to the quality of a project. Non-standard heavy universal wheel, customized special universal wheel, non-standard custom of the universal wheel. Custom all kinds of special specifications casters. Very large universal wheel, super-heavy universal wheel, etc. It could also be the demand of the market to adapt to the different needs of customers. No matter now or before, with the passage of time is now universal caster wheel to wheel market tens of thousands of products is also gradually increasing. Whether new products or old products, general component is the castor production process is the same castor plastic and hardware two parts, the two most have different production process. Drying part of injection - Blanking - Injection - A round - Trim - Cooling - Outfit bearing metal part open embryo - Pressed - Drilling - Forming - Hair ( Heat treatment - Plating) After the two parts are complete and unified into the assembly shop to assembly and packaging boxes into the Treasury.
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