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Polyurethane casters need galvanizing? What are the technological process

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
What are the process need a galvanized pu castor? Castor hardware part after plating using this technology, product quality is good, especially the color plating, after passivation colour keeps good. Castor hardware part should strictly control the big three links: galvanized castor metal parts processing before plating: castor hardware parts before plating processing, is the basis of castor hardware part plating, also is the key to guarantee product quality. Castor hardware parts before plating is not to the requirements of the plating substrate processing, even if has the good castor hardware part of the plating solution, appropriate castor castor hardware part plating parameters and good regulation hardware part plating parameters of equipment and skilled staff, it is impossible to get to meet the requirements of quality casters hardware parts plating. Castor hardware parts before plating is not only to remove grease and influence of matrix on the metal coating adhesion and other quality requirements of foreign body, also want to remove the surface oxide, make its have the specified cleanliness and surface of a certain activity castor castor hardware part plating process control hardware part electric galvanized metal or use condition and the service life of components with castor has close relation with the hardware part of the plating thickness. More rigorous conditions of use and the longer service life, castor hardware parts required by the electric galvanized layer should be more thick. Different products, according to the specific environment of use ( Temperature, humidity, rainfall, atmospheric composition, etc. ) Determine the expected service life of castor hardware part plating thickness, blind thickening can cause all sorts of waste. But if the thickness is not enough, and will not reach the expected service life of the different requirements of manufacturers, according to their own device status, in determining the kind of plating, the first thing to prepare a set of relatively complete and reasonable process flow, clear castor hardware part plating parameters, control the castor hardware part of the solution concentration, to standardize the operation. Plating processing: to make the plating pieces enhance protective, decorative and other special purposes, Passivation, hot melt, closed, and in addition to hydrogen, etc. ) Rear casters hardware part plating processing. After galvanized, generally for chromate passivation, or other processing, form the corresponding type of conversion coating. Castor hardware part and castor galvanized metal parts of cadmium plating layer of the chromate conversion coating & amp; If gt in smoke remained in 1% is unqualified, the whole batch of unqualified. Appearance inspection: the inspection according to drawings, according to process, according to the standard, and left with the factory sample standard; As a template. Part of chrome hardware castor mainly should not have visible plating layer on the surface defects, such as blister, porosity, rough, crack or partial without coating, but inevitably caused by metal substrate defect except coating defects. Plating parts should be clean and no damage. The thickness gauge for testing. After coating function orientation to reasonable: galvanized, if no special requirements, brightness is not too high, too high after coating brittleness increases, at the same time change color quickly. Must be reasonable, and controls the brightener dosage. d。 Deep blind hole, unfavorable plating leakage, burning, peeling phenomenon exists. Color differences allows, with large Angle can be slightly burnt. 3 test methods: in the natural scattering light, or two 40 w fluorescent lamp, 500 mm ( Macroscopic observation) In this condition, check out the problem, is the quality problem. If check out, then to allow defects. What are the process need a galvanized pu castor? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 233. html
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