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Regular pu castor plant effectively reduce the loss

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Regular pu castor plant effectively reduce loss, castor moving load bearing capacity is also called dynamic load, dynamic load of the castor is different due to the test in a different way of the factory, material of the wheel will have different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality can impact and shock resistance. To: hard, narrow wheel than soft, wide wheels turn more easily. Rotate wheel radius is one of the important parameters, short turning radius increases to the difficulty, too much will cause the wheels wobble and shorten the life. Wheel rotation, the more energy, the greater the ball bearing can bear a heavy load, ball bearing rotation is more flexible but carrying a lighter. Temperature limit of cold and heat are likely to cause trouble for a lot of wheels, casters if use suitable special green grease, can make the castor applies to - 40° & C to 165 deg. C high temperature. Oil pump for whole sealed, key parts imported German original have overload protection to eradicate the disadvantage of the oil, the size of the piston rod chromium plating structure is firm, overload protection, falling speed control, valve core adopts integral parts, is different from the scattered parts, easy maintenance, which makes the vehicle more adapt to the market demand. As expanding the scope of the wheel in the modern society, the wheels of the species are abundant. So relevant personnel, if want to guarantee the use effect of the wheel, according to the requirements of the different equipment mobile or industry to choose the right type of caster is very necessary. If want to reduce the user's use difficulty, then relevant staff need to do a good job of lubricating the wheels on a regular basis. Proper maintenance check, especially check bolt tightness, lubricating oil, to replace the damaged rolling performance and rotary motion of the wheel can enhance flexibility. Rubber tires or slack is likely to lead to serious breakage scroll is not stable, leakage, load is unusual, and floor damage and so on, timely replacement of damaged tires and bearing can reduce the cost brought by the shutdown losses due to damage of the wheel. Regular pu castor plant effectively reduce loss, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 395. html
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