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Robin li, baidu for you explain what is artificial intelligence? Pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Do the Internet or artificial intelligence, usually think mobile phone is a function keys, cell phone into the computer and then changed the whole world. But the phone replacement frequency is about 18 months at a time, vehicle replacement frequency is more than a decade, even if the technology to the market not so fast. “ This does not mean that don't have a lot of things can be done, but to say to want to do something very much, to change the traffic, parking, etc. Robin li, baidu for you explain what is artificial intelligence? Pu castor U. S. statistics 30% of the time people drive is used to find a parking space, China is likely to longer. Colleague told me that if nine or ten o 'clock in the evening back to the community, to find a parking space in the neighbourhood must turn 30 minutes. If we use the machine to solve this problem, the time saving, efficiency improvement, meet the perception is very satisfied. ” Pu castor, robin li said we should worry more mature technology not fast enough. See today's so-called artificial intelligence, and many times or fake. Speakers such as intelligence, intelligent speakers can gag, but most of the time and can't really understand the meaning of the dialogue, is far from ideal situation worse. Li said the automatic car driving, or no one is the same. Automobile industry itself also has its own rules. In fact, we simply do not yet understand how the brain works, and how about the use of machines to mimic the human brain works. So artificial intelligence is not to imitate the working principle of the human brain, but the way to machine it can realize the value of the human brain or role. ” The third misconception is that the resulting artificial intelligence & other; Threat throughout the &; 。 Baidu chairman and CEO robin li pointed out that artificial intelligence is not bionics and artificial intelligence to go by studying the human brain work development. Li once again spoke autopilot, according to the user to change frequency is far lower than in mobile phone, even if the technology to the market is not so fast, can solve the problems in current autopilot is parking. Li said, close your eyes and imagine the concept of artificial intelligence, a lot of people will think of a person looks like the machine, it is actually a misunderstanding. “ I think this is a myth, artificial intelligence should not look like people, our energy should not be spent on how to create a man looks like the machine, should not be spent on making the machines that learn to walk, run, up and down the stairs and it's a mechanical thinking of The Times. If you want to let the machine to replace manual, we have solved the problem in the industrialized era, we want to solve is to get the machine can think like a man. ” Pu castor many fear that one day humans will be controlled by machine, humans build their own technology will one day destroy mankind. “ I think this is completely unnecessary worry. Because every day that we are doing technology research, will find that's harder than we thought, let the machine like a human thinking, is the so-called AGI, actually also very far from us. ” Li said that the public to the second misunderstanding is let the machine of artificial intelligence think like a human. “ Now there are a lot of research is to study how the human brain work, I think the road is blocked. Not bionic artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence technology is now a variety of algorithms, innovation in recent years with the working principle of the human brain is not too big relations. ( ​ )
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