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Salt spray testing machine, castor hardware corrosion resistance identification device -

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-18
Will happen in the castor use many common problems, such as castor rotation is not flexible, castor oscillation is larger, castor bracket corrosion spots and other issues, these problems though not very serious but also can be avoided; Such as corrosion spots on the caster stents and other hardware accessories problems can be avoided, one is to improve the corrosion resistance, 2 it is through the caster stents hardware for testing, to determine the range of values of the corrosion resistance of the product, and tell the customer in the corrosive environment to use in this range. Castor manufacturers in castor hardware for corrosion detection, usually used equipment is salt spray testing machine, and this kind of method is the most common, the most practical castor castor manufacturers hardware corrosion resistance testing tools; In general in castor castor manufacturer support hardware outgoing after surface treatment, such as galvanized, degrees nobelium will carry on the sampling corrosion resistance testing. What is salt spray testing machine, salt spray tester is to use salt spray corrosion test sample to be tested in a way that the reliability of the corrosion, respectively, for example: castor all hardware. Salt fog refers to the atmosphere is made up of tiny droplets containing salt dispersion system, which is one of the artificial environment is three series, a lot of enterprise products to simulate ocean surrounding climate cause destructive to product, so the salt spray testing machine application. Salt spray test can be divided into neutral salt fog and acid salt fog two kinds, the difference is that conforms to the standard and test method is different, says 'NSS' and 'CASS test respectively. Principle of salt spray testing machine, salt spray test ( NSS) The temperature of the testing machine in ( 35±2) ℃, humidity is more than 95%, fog for 1 ~ 2 ml / 80 cm * h nozzle pressure for 78. 5 ~ 137. 3kPa( 0. 8 to 1. 4kgf/cm2) 。 Is in the salt spray test cabinet, will contain ( 5) % sodium chloride, pH value of 6. 5 to 7. 2 salt water spray by spray, let the settlement of salt fog test piece under test, and observe the surface corrosion state after a certain time. Test method: configuration, 5% sodium chloride solution under the condition of test temperature of 36 ℃, continuous casters hardware surface spray for 24 h. Acceptance criteria: degree of castor hardware if made of galvanized, nickel processing, so the surface corrosion degree of GB 6461 - More than 2002 dot figure 4 is qualified; Degree of chrome, painted parts of more than 6 for qualified; Generally salt spray tester can effectively detect the castor hardware corrosion information, so how to avoid in use process to reduce corrosion of castor hardware is users should pay attention to the problem, in addition to the surface for effective maintenance, decrease as far as possible in the corrosive environment is the most effective protective measures.
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