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Selection of casters and points for attention in use

Selection of casters and points for attention in use


When using casters, we need to consider its purpose, function, and conditions of use, and choose the appropriate type.

(1) selecting the proper bearing capacity is the weight that casters can carry on long-term and smooth movement on the flat ground. When calculating the bearing capacity of casters, it is necessary to estimate the total weight of the articles first. Then choose the right casters according to the number of casters you match.

(2) selection of suitable bearing

single ball bearing: made of good bearing steel, it can bear heavy load, suitable for flexible rotation and quiet situation.

Double ball bearings: not only maintain the advantages of single ball bearings, but also reduce the gap between the wheel and the wheel, when used more stable.

Derlin bearings: Derlin is a special engineering plastic, suitable for wet and corrosive places, the flexibility of rotation is average, and resistance is greater.

Roller bearing: after heat treatment, it can bear heavy load, rotation flexibility is general.

Rivets: rivets are mainly used for relatively few caster types, such as small casters, because casters are too small to fit bearings, so rivets can be used to rotate casters.

Center shaft: casters swing clearance is large, load is small, suitable for some smaller handicrafts. Pressure bearings: suitable for high-load high-speed rotation, so it is often used in some special heavy machinery.

Plain bearings: suitable for high, ultra-high load, high speed occasions.

(3)  the brake device generally uses the rigid brake, namely uses the brake component and the single wheel surface friction, plays the brake effect, but after using for a period of time, the locking effect will reduce.

(4)  Environmental conditions for the use of casters generally the use of heavy duty casters is assumed to be indoor at room temperature, so it is necessary to avoid the use of casters in special environments as far as possible. Such as high temperature, low temperature, acidity, alkalinity, salt content, chemical solvents, oil, seawater and so on. If you need to use in a specific environment, you need to choose high-temperature, low-temperature, stainless steel, chromium plating and other special process casters

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