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Shanghai said historical development trend of the castor castor manufacturers

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Shanghai castor manufacturers say development trend about the wheel casters in the history of the earliest can be traced back to 5500 to before. Thanks to the wheels, just can have today we take for granted modern machines, such as: photocopiers, jet engines and other high-end technology. A unique wheels have in common, that is, they are all round, no edges and corners, can evenly scrolling and rotate. This makes such as bicycles, cars, trains and trams various land vehicles in highway, railway and rugged ground walk smoothly. In addition, the circular motion of the wheels makes it constantly conveyed the kinetic energy of the engine, many other inventions also rely on the wheels of this principle. Although, the first person to reinvent the wheel, we have little information, however, since the invention of the wheel, moving and moving object is a lot easier, however, the wheel can only run on a straight line, to lift heavy objects to the direction of the change is still very difficult, then people invented with a steering wheel structure, which is what we now call the castor or universal wheel. Castor or the presence of the universal wheel brings people handling especially moving object epoch-making revolution, not only can easily carry, also can with any direction, greatly improving the efficiency. With modern along with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment need to move, castor is applied more and more widely in the whole world, all walks of life almost inseparable from the caster. In the modern, the continuous development of science and technology, because the versatility and high utilization ratio of equipment needs, caster has become an indispensable part, the development of the castor is more specialized, castor, universal wheel manufacture industry and became a special industry. Castor has a very wide range of applications, involving almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, people to constantly invent all kinds of casters, there are about 15000 around the world have different castor with furniture furniture, industry, agriculture, transportation, warehousing, logistics terminals as well as the national defense science and technology, and other industries and fields. Castor castor, Shanghai
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