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by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
With the development of the industrial revolution, increasing need of castor, slowly is applied more and more widely in the whole world, in the modern along with the continuous development of science and technology, equipment is becoming more and more multifunctional and high utilization rate, caster has become an indispensable part. The development of the castor is more specialized and became a special industry. Castor has a very wide range of application, the design of almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, people constantly invented all kinds of casters, all over the world, there are about 150000 different species of casters used in various industries. Mainly in order to meet the need of furniture furniture caster and low center of gravity, the needs of high load production of special castor. Industrial casters is mainly refers to a caster wheel used in machinery factory or products, it can be imported from advanced reinforced nylon, super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, product integral whole with high impact resistance and strength. In this paper, by castor, for reprint please indicate the website: http:/// / news_100.
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