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The classification of industrial casters business scope

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
Industrial casters is a general designation, including activities and fixed castor. Castor also is what we call the universal wheel, its structure is allowed to rotate 360 degrees; Fixed castor no rotational structure, can't turn. Its scope of business: the workbench: including movable workbench, lift table, multi-function esd workstation, corner table, computer and test bench and ordinary workbench, etc. Material frame class: function material rack, storage shelves, gravity shelves, mobile racking, slippery course racking, smoked pull racking, tilting shelves, fifo storage revolving cars, such as: all sorts of antistatic revolving cars, trolley, factory, and turnover of pull-type vehicle, test revolving cars, pallet truck, multilayer revolving cars, such as production line: u-shaped flexible production line, anti-static production, flexible production line, copiers, digital camera, projector flexible production line, motorcycle engine assembly line assembly line, assembly line, automobile air-conditioning assembly lines, mainframe computers and other electronic products assembly line production line and so on.
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