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The future castor products will be combined with household electronic equipment - Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
Castor is an accessory, which is closely linked with you life more is applied to the supermarket shopping carts, furniture, convenient for people moving and handling of large objects. According to the recent studies of the industry, the future we castor product design and development or combined in household electronic equipments, develop the new application of castor. For example common household microwave oven, as China's market economy high speed development and the improvement of people's life quality, for the domestic microwave food, leisure food and frozen food will continue to increase demand for convenience foods, such as the use of microwave oven is the basic popularization, for this kind of small electronic devices are equipped with castor thought, but if the equipment is equipped with castor must be able to realize the fixed function, is stable in don't need to move in a certain place, from the Angle of technology development in order to achieve this function also is not difficult. The following is a different castor widely used:
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