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The integration of heavy duty castor packaging design -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers of the integration of packaging design on the basis of resource saving and economic benefit maximization. Product packaging on the market investigation, relevant data collection and learn from excellent packaging structure design at home and abroad, also calls for the pursuit of the effective integration optimization of people and things. This time to heavy duty castor packaging design as the research object. To summarizes design creation theory and method of the subject. Adhering to the ecological design concept, the match dynamic hardware tools packaging people-oriented, scientific and reasonable design, solve the present situation of hardware tools safety performance is poor, resource waste, convenient use, and no differentiation, in order to rival hardware tools of domestic sales, export trade as well as the brand set up play a very important role. The concept of integration design, manual hardware tools packaging at a reasonable meets the needs of times development principle, design method, forecast manual hardware tools packaging integrated value-added space, and points out its value from three aspects, namely, provide reasonable replacement subsequent modelling, convenient way to adapt to the work of the structure, in line with international sales visual decoration. Countries has remained sound and rapid economic development, reform and opening-up. In which real estate and construction play a crucial role; At the same time, the development of economy, the improvement of the living, consumption level also increase greatly, the people start to pursue more elegant life enjoyment, these promote the development of heavy duty castor enterprise favorable situation. Focus on hardware products production company seize the opportunity of The Times, from an unknown small businesses into today's domestic famous brands. Did not stop, but continue to actively expand the market, expand the scale of the enterprise.
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