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The key part of the pu castor must have a good maintenance

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
The key parts of the pu castor must have a good maintenance, with the passage of time is now universal caster wheel to wheel market tens of thousands of products is also gradually increased, it could also be the demand of the market to adapt to the different needs of customers. Whether now or in the past, whether new products or old products, castor production process is the same. The user should know when using castor castor suitable for use, avoid unnecessary losses caused by misuse. Should be conducted on a regular basis to castor effectively maintain users trundle operation on site maintenance. Maintenance is divided into lubricating and cleaning operation of the site and entanglement and good anticorrosion, specific as follows: the caster wheel bracket steel ball running parts, wheel bearing running parts should add lubricating oil regularly. For regular cleaning wrapped around the caster stents ball running parts, wheel bearing cloud parts of winding or thread; Most castor bracket is made of metal, corrosion prevention is very important for the service life of castor, prevent rusting caster stents can daub antirust paint, rust-proof oil on a regular basis. Castor hardware parts before plating processing, is the basis of castor hardware part plating, also is the key to guarantee product quality. Castor hardware parts before plating is not to the requirements of the plating substrate processing, even if has the good castor hardware part of the plating solution, appropriate castor castor hardware part plating parameters and good regulation hardware part plating parameters of equipment and skilled staff, it is impossible to get to meet the requirements of quality casters hardware parts plating. Cold castor riveting method that comes natural flow bend deformation of the rivet to metal, will not reduce the notched impact toughness and ductility of material, reduces the rivet and a tangential tensile stress around the pier head too high, the danger of no broken fiber material flow after riveting, can improve the bearing capacity of the rivet. Will swing cold grinding with traditional stamping hammer, castor castor riveting riveting do destructive test specimens after know, cold run castor riveting method produced by the coupling strength is about 80% higher than that of traditional castor riveting. After cold run castor riveting rivets almost no deformation phenomenon such as bending, drum abdomen, pier crude. The key part of the pu castor must have a good maintenance, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 334. html
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