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The secret of mute casters.

The secret of mute casters.


  Why the pull rod box wheels, the wheels of the trolley push up the noise is loud, the smell is also big. Why is it that the casters used in hospitals and hotels do not have such a loud sound and smell when rubbing against the ground? It turns out they used mute casters.

   The mute caster uses an environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer TPE as the material for the outer skin of the caster. What kind of material is TPE? TPE material has the advantages of high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, temperature resistance of 50 ℃ to 115 ℃, excellent skid resistance and damping properties, and softness and comfort superior to rubber. The TPE material does not add phthalate plasticizer or toxic cross-linking agent such as sulfur and DCP in the production process, and the TPE thermoplastic elastomer material has a more flexible molecular chain structure, the friction coefficient between TPE thermoplastic elastomer and the ground is small, and there is almost no sound when rubbing with the ground. Leave no trace on the floor, do not destroy the floor. At the same time, the special styrene-butadiene block structure of TPE material ensures the high strength and wear resistance of the material.

  Because of the large coefficient of friction and large contact area between the surface of silent castors and the ground, it is often difficult to push when the load is high. This is why silent casters are very popular in the life industry. But the reason why it is less used in industrial production.

  With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the use of casters, and mute, environmentally friendly TPR/TPE casters have become the best choice in the market. Dajin casters have more than 10 years of experience in the production of TPR/TPE materials. Since the introduction of mute TPR/TPE casters, they have been affirmed by a large number of customers in the market. With original TPR/TPE adhesive structure, the quiet and wear resistance of casters have been greatly improved. The products cover furniture casters, light duty casters, medium duty casters, mid-heavy duty casters, heavy duty casters and so on. It is especially suitable for places and equipment with high mute requirements, such as dining carts of high-end restaurants, hotel service carts, trolleys, airport trolleys, medical beds, medical equipment and so on.

  If you have any questions about the choice of casters, please contact us, if you want to discuss more knowledge about casters, please contact us. If you are curious about the production process of casters, you are welcome to visit us.

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