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The welding technology of heavy duty castor technology

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Welding is often encountered when we do super-heavy castor industry means a process of super-heavy castor welding often met when we were in the production of castor process, it usually refers to two or more than two kinds of material, by heat or pressure or both, and to achieve the combination between atoms to form a permanent connection process called super-heavy castor welding. We are usually the super-heavy castor welding of metal is called the parent metal. Super-heavy caster wheel in contact with the noun in the welding process has a lot of, different noun it in super-heavy castor field in welding process is not the same. A super-heavy castor, welding nouns: what is arc: by super-heavy castor welding power supply, with a strong and long lasting between the poles gas discharge phenomenon - Is called arc. What is a protective gas, super-heavy castor is used to protect the metal droplet in the welding and harmful gas pool from the outside world, Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) Invasion of gas - - - - - - - - - - - - - Protective gas. Super-heavy castor welding technology: all kinds of casters welding material, welding method, caster and castor welding process and the floorboard of the caster and welding equipment and its basic theory, Castor welding technology. Super-heavy castor super-heavy castor welding process: a set of process and the technical regulations in the process of welding. Include: super-heavy castor welding method, welding preparation processing, assembling, castor welding equipment, welding materials, caster and castor welding sequence, castor welding operation, castor welding process parameters and welding treatment etc. Super-heavy castor welding method, brazing is to use than the metal material of workpiece, low melting point solder, the workpiece heated to higher than the melting point solder, and filler metals is lower than the temperature of the melting point of workpiece, using liquid solder wetting artifacts, filling gaps and artifacts to realize mutual diffusion between atoms, so as to realize the welding method. Welding technology is mainly used on the metal base, commonly used electric arc welding, argon arc welding, CO2 protection welding, oxygen - Acetylene welding, laser welding, electroslag pressure welding, such as plastic and other non-metallic materials for welding. Metal welding method has more than 40 kinds, mainly divided into fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing three categories. Welding is heated to melt in welding process, the workpiece interface state, do not add pressure to complete welding method. Fusion welding, the heat will stay two welding workpiece interface heat melting rapidly, forming molten pool. Molten pool with heat source moving forward, continuous weld is formed after cooling and connect the two artifacts as a whole. Bonding is under the condition of pressure, make the two artifacts in solid state bonding between atoms, also called solid-state welding. Commonly used is the butt welding, pressure welding process when a current flows through the connection end of the two artifacts, it due to the resistance being very high temperatures, when heated to a plastic state under axial pressure is connected as a whole. Super-heavy castor formed during welding connecting two connecting seam called welds. On either side of weld in welding when the welding heat effect, and microstructure and property changes, this area is called the heat affected zone. When welding for welding materials, welding current and different workpiece materials, after welding in the welding seam and heat affected zone may cause overheating, embrittlement, hardening or softening phenomenon, also make the weldment performance degradation, worsening weldability. It's need to adjust the welding conditions, the butt welding pieces of outlet preheating before welding, welding heat preservation and heat treatment after welding can improve the welding quality of welding.
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