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TPU, TPE, TPR different meanings in castor material and application

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
In many cases we are entering an industry when first need to understand the industry, especially for the industry's products; For and do business, this is related to important on the one hand, because if you are familiar with product knowledge is not, don't know that it is difficult to communicate with customers, it is not easy to have a further cooperation with them. The author itself is doing the castor industry business, the author is deep feelings about this. Although know about with their products, but for products of raw materials and members are not very familiar with, so it became the one of the main disadvantages. So here I have collected some information to introduce several kinds of method and material selection of the difference. ( A) , castor material selection: in fact about castor no absolute material selection methods, because different materials have their own advantages, can't say what kind of material is the best. Mainly to see the usage of products and product positioning to determine the material selection. So if you want to choose good material then will know what you want the most demand point, so this problem is a good solution. TPE castor material do less, for example, price moderate, most of all, to do TPR and TPU. If you need good abrasion resistance, TPU castor, of course, choose the best, if it is to choose a lower price, TPR castor material is most suitable. ( 2) , castor material have different meanings: (1), TPU castor: the highest abrasion resistance TPU, oil resistant, good elasticity and good bearing, large noise at work, the longest service life and suitable for luggage wheels and various industrial casters, but TPU is not resistant to hydrolysis. (2), TPE castor: excellent wear resistance, elasticity and shock absorption, and low noise performance, and hard plastic has excellent bonding properties, environmental non-toxic; Bearing quality is good, but with PA, PP hard plastic bag plastic molding. Apply to luggage wheels, cart wheels, industrial casters. (3), TPR castor: in a sense, TPR TPE. Its advantages as TPE, but TPR is give priority to in order to SBS base material, better than TPE elasticity, but there is no better than TPE, wearability TPR TPE ratio is low, also can with PA, PP hard plastic bag plastic molding. Suitable for heavy industrial casters. Based on the above knowledge we know of TPU, TPE, TPR, these three kinds of materials are complementary to each other, there is absolutely no good nor absolute difference, when meet you demand point then you will feel it is the best, and also is such. So when we understand the different meaning on these three materials we have very good choose castor material, also can save money better.
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