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Universal caster wheel control model of automatic guided vehicles

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers control model of automatic guided vehicles usually won't consider universal caster wheel driven for AGV main body role, based on the dynamics of AGV universal casters characteristics analysis of trajectory tracking process. Because ignores the influence factors, the control system is easy to appear unstable state. By improving the model of the universal casters, dynamics study the characteristics of universal casters, study the influence of the structure parameters on the AGV dynamic model, and proposes the drive torque compensation mode. Based on universal casters dynamic compensation, achieve the reliability of the AGV control model. In recent years, automatic guided vehicles V of material transportation task is widely used in factories, A GV motion control are widely research of scholars at home and abroad. AGV through navigation technology ( Tag line navigation, laser navigation, such as magnetic navigation [ 1] AGV position ( Position, Angle) Deviation, through adjustment, the control algorithm for AGV pose make AGV to along a predetermined autonomous navigation of AGV car positioning method in the research of AGV one for FMS materials in order to realize the automatic transportation of wheeled mobile robot, on the positioning is the basic guarantee to realize accurate material transportation. Based on the existing mobile robot positioning methods and positioning precision of the analysis, put forward the use of two analog ultrasonic sensor installed in the AGV side positioning method for locating its implementation. Theoretical analysis proves that the method is feasible, the experiment shows that this localization method is reliable. The experimental results show that the designed by locating method for AGV positioning, the positioning accuracy can meet the requirements of FMS for AGV positioning accuracy. The ninth national scientific and technological achievements to promote projects 'prediction technology platform (nc wheeled mobile device Stepping servo control system) Funding. Problem involved in human studies on the environment to the universe, to universal wheel under the bottom of the sea, urgently needs a kind of mobile robots can replace people to complete a certain work. With the development of robot technology, especially computer technology, sensor technology and the rapid development of communication technology, highly from planning, self-organizing, adaptive ability of mobile robot was born. Research on mobile robot, the first problem is Whe
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