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Universal wheel and all - of all kinds of accessories

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Castor price - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust feet manufacturers universal wheel, because it can not only realize sliding, and can turn, therefore has been widely used in the field of transport logistics. Of universal wheel the basic structure of a single wheel, the structure of the assembly, the rotation bearing, center of rivet, etc. , all for these basic components should be familiar with, but the majority of people for universal wheel may be applied to all kinds of accessories and attachments can play a role not to understand. Let's share some universal wheel accessories and accessories: a, sealing ring. Major turning around in the universal wheel bearing with single wheel bearing outer ring, it is mainly used for sealing. Can effectively put dust and impurities into the bearing, in order to ensure universal wheel bearing has good lubricity. Second, the anti-wind cover. Universal wheel during the process of actual use is the most common causes damage to the shaft and the bracket is the clearance between the cord etc sundry, lead to bearing stripping reasonable level, severely weakened steering function. And some of the operation site and can't ensure clean environment, this needs to use the anti-wind cover. Anti-wind cover main set around the rotating bearing, effective organization cord etc sundry embedded bearing. Three, brace. In actual use, universal wheel is difficult to in a fixed and to achieve universal wheel fixed point will need to use the racks. Supporting frame is usually placed on the transport tablet, when using a break down, is a fixed point. For universal wheel there are a variety of accessories, we are here to share with you these content briefly.
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