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What about the quality of heavy duty castor manufacturers - and price

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-11
At present, the domestic production of castor manufacturers a lot, uneven, so that the user should have to choose heavy duty castor manufacturers, and can not blindly pursue low price, in order to avoid because of the reason of castor, causes the damage of the product loaded, cause unnecessary damage to property. Choose the professional heavy-duty casters manufacturers, users can reference from the following points: 1, the regular heavy duty castor manufacturers, general can provide the necessary technical drawings and all relevant parameters; 2, the regular heavy duty castor manufacturers should have professional testing equipment, including castor walking test, load test and other professional castor testing equipment, otherwise, cannot judge caster wheel load requirements. A suitable castor embodies not only is the price, and his practical degree, especially for industrial heavy-duty casters have high quality requirements, because it often has greatly improved in the use of the frequency of the above, at the same time carrying high and heavy duty castor main characteristics, which is often on bearing will also increase relatively, so this time, also requires for heavy-duty casters with certain quality requirements. Bracket is in the heavy-duty casters, wheels, another of the more important factors suitable heavy caster stents must first consider the wheels can withstand the weight of the. For example. In supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, clubs compare quiet place, and the ground is generally good, smooth and handling of goods more light, made of high pressure into the electroplating rack is suitable for this. And in factories and warehouses where the noise is bigger, use high pressure to make more thicker steel wheel rack is suitable for these places. In every way, choose the quality of heavy duty castor should value not only, also from practicality and quality reference. Although the current domestic production of heavy duty castor manufacturers a lot, but really can carry heavier, and through strict quality test of heavy test factory is very few, so everyone must choose when the choice regular heavy duty castor manufacturers.
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