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What are product characteristics of medical casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
With the gradual differentiation castor products, medical truckle products has become independent and one of the important branch of casters products, just as its name implies is the professional medical caster for medical industry transportation operation of specialized casters, medical caster has been widely applied in industry and practicability, so many buyers will consider to purchase large quantities of casters products, now medical truckle market demand is big, so what medical truckle to call truckle products quality? Before we consider purchase medical casters, for the basic information of the products should have a perfect understanding, so also in order to we can easier when selected corresponding product, medical caster wheel in order to be able to adapt to the requirements of the health care industry running light, flexible steering, usually adopt stainless steel or this is the castor pu material, product features about medical casters, summarized mainly the following several: light and flexible operation, mainly with some medical equipment and emergency medical caster and bed and other combination, so it is also the priority of the flexibility of product requirements, good medical truckle won't appear the stranded when using sex or castor flexibility of problems, it is also a key to us in the screening of castor products, recommend buyers to purchase castor products before to test the flexibility and initiative of castor, see if it can fit with your requirements. In general, with emergency medical truckle bed combination of castor can adopt universal wheel, so if the drug storage equipment will follow directional wheel, universal wheel collocation is used, such as specific castor product portfolio or want to consider according to the actual situation. Special ultra-quiet: the health care industry for equipment use value quite silent treatment, therefore in the process of using medical caster and try to reduce noise, special silent treatment of casters are more popular on the market now, this kind of caster at run time can reduce the friction with the ground, and have no noise, can build a quiet environment, accord with the requirement of the hospital mute for castor products use. Resistance to chemical corrosion, part of the medical environment there will be a chemical reagent storage requirements, if used in a certain chemical environment, then use to truckle products resistance to chemical corrosion, such as light castor chrome support round plug bar castor is a sell good medical casters, its bearing capacity up to eighty kg, at the same time support chrome plating can prevent rust, can be used in a certain chemical environment, and this product belongs to the environmental protection products, with the precision ball bearing, flexible steering, portable, can meet the requirements of the health care industry for castor products. The winding: medical truckle shall has the characteristics of the winding, because medical truckle is belong to high frequency to use one of the products, its winding prevention is very important, because a lot of combination castor equipment need to be use for a long time, if appeared with other equipment winding phenomenon, you will have trouble. Recommend to priority when considering the purchase of medical casters brand products, because of a certain famous brand is more guarantee the quality of the medical truckle truckle products they are after repeatedly testing before sale, grasp quality more stable.
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