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What are the lack of castor industry development in our country? - - - - - - Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
As China's market economy high speed development and people life quality rise, people on the development of domestic castor industry also increasingly attention. Throughout the current castor market, although the industry growth significantly, but there are still many problems in the process of development. Quite a long period, the development of castor industry in many areas of consciousness not aware there is a tendency, that is, to the technology as the guide, blindly on the project, or one-sided pursuit of line width as thin as possible, while ignoring the market the most important elements of this industry. From 1981 to 1985 period, our country has introduced 33 castor production line, many projects herd horse, not only the introduction of equipment imported technology, flux line varieties have been eliminated by the market, basically does not conform to the market demand. Part of the old, not form a complete set of production line equipment, can not meet the design capacity. Plus project funding, castor corporate mismanagement, lack of digestion and absorption ability, most of the project. Copyright by: wanda wheel industry thinks, from the truckle market in recent years, while keeping the production and marketing of whole industry rapid growth, but the overall look, overcapacity, money is tight, receivables remains high, some enterprises, asset-liability ratio is higher, inadequate production, raw material prices, disorderly competition, etc. , bring great pressure. And about 30% for two consecutive years of rising costs, affect the enterprise reinvest, and it affects the whole industry development. Copyright by: as a professional castor manufacturers, wanda always adhere to the business philosophy to the quality strives for the development, through continuous technical innovation and technology to improve product value, expanding the size of the market, in order to realize the spanning development. 版权:
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