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What are the material manufacture castor wheels?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
- - - - - - Industrial casters - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer universal wheel is a with the horizontal direction selected castor can be 360 degrees, castor is also called the activity. Due to the universal wheel structure is more complex than ordinary castor, thus making universal wheel material also is more exquisite, the application of these materials will be reflected in the middle of the universal wheel directly. Here is to share some universal wheel manufacturing materials: a, nylon. Also known as polyamide fiber, hereinafter referred to as a PA. The application of material of nylon this makes universal casters can have a more general manufacturing materials, nylon itself is characterized by outstanding mechanical properties, has high strength, and heat resisting corrosion, and the surface lubrication material, friction coefficient is very low. Nylon is universal caster manufacturing one of the highest utility ratio of material, made of nylon universal casters can also be used in most areas. Two, polyurethane. Also known as polyurethane, is cyanate ester and 2 hydroxy addition polymerization of organic material, polyurethane material properties similar to rubber, nylon, and there are more superior than all kinds of materials characteristics, such as high vibration absorption and slow rebound, antistatic, etc. At the same time, also has the characteristics of super durable polyurethane. Made of polyurethane universal casters, widely used in hotels, building materials, mining, machinery, transportation and other fields. Three, rubber. Rubber material is made of natural rubber latex with inverse deformation characteristics, with super elastic, insulation, water and other characteristics, the use of rubber universal casters can keep good contact with the ground, anti-skid feature is good.
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