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What is specific classification of polyurethane casters?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Is not in conformity with the provisions item or pu castor annotation two provisions of this chapter is not in this item. Usually in accordance with the existing classification thought, pu castor is classified as item 8302 or under item 8716, how to classify decision will appear under a item 3926? And two classified decision structures are almost the same, just the wheel specification is different, the difference is? After all over the world & other; God be & throughout; To friends to discuss, I summarized some of the things. Step number: J2011 - 0011 as shown in the topic, small pu castor, contact a lot? Very kind? Your customs declaration? Your production? Is it easy? Has been single down? Is there a classified? And it is difficult to? The spokes do not affect a small pu castor as this item. The definition of pu castor manufacturers according to the annotation pu castor, classified decision J2011 - 0011 pu castor described specifications & other; A diameter of 125 mm, round to 30 mm wide & throughout; Do not conform to the item 83. 02' Pu castor & throughout; Specifications of the requirements; Classification decision J2015 - 0023 pu castor described specifications & other; Pu castor 4 wide. 8 cm, 6. 4 cm, lateral width 3. 6 cm, 3 wheel diameter. 9 cm & throughout; In accordance with item 83. 02' Pu castor & throughout; Specifications and requirements. But since 8302 item material limit, 8302 small item pu castor must with base metal stents, two classification decision for stents are plastic goods, so don't comply with the comments, so both are not classified as under item 8302. ( The image below for a brief stent location) Small pu castor with pneumatic tyre, tyre must be to standard to measure its diameter. We read about the 'tariff comments 8302 item: looks be like simple, actually in the actual customs clearance or classified work a little bit confused, query the relevant information, found that two of the customs classification decision classification decision, and classify different, so what is the idea of them? Classification decision: the goods do not conform to the 'tariff' chapter eighty-three of & annotation two other Pu castor & throughout; Definition, should according to material classification, according to the classification rule one, should be classified as tariff number 3926. 9090. Small pu castor, see comments in this chapter 2 (the definition of Item 83. 02 calls & other; Pu castor & throughout; Refers to the diameter ( To have a child, even the tire, hereinafter the same) Less than 75 mm or is more than 75 mm in diameter, but on the wheel and tire width must be less than 30 mm pu castor) 。 Clearly classified decision: the goods is versatile, its structure is mainly used for moving other items can be classified as 87 items. Under 16. ​ Pu castor price goods description: pu castor, a diameter of 125 mm, round to 30 mm wide. The pu castor can rotate for double row bearing the rotation of the head. Round wheel frame is made of polyamide, heart is made of polypropylene, the tread is made of thermoplastic rubber, all metal parts are made of the stainless steel. It is mainly used for the cart, can also be used for medical equipment, etc. , has a certain universality. Commodity description: plastic pu castor wheels by ontology, wheel frame, connecting rod and axle of four parts. The wheels and wheel frame of ontology support is made from polypropylene plastic, External wheel other objects of the connecting rod and shaft is metal material is iron. Metal connecting rod up links to other objects, the metal shaft between the wheel and the wheel frame bridge role. Pu castor 4 wide. 8 cm, 6. 4 cm, lateral width 3. 6 cm, 3 wheel diameter. 9 cm. Products have two types, the difference is that the wheel link rod and the connecting way of external objects, is a bayonet connection, is a kind of nut connection. The goods has generality. Into this small item pu castor with base metal stents, but the wheels can be made of any material ( Except precious metals) Is made.
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