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What is the function of add lubricating oil regularly for pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
What is the function of add lubricating oil regularly for pu castor? Working in special high temperature or low temperature, or working environment temperature difference is very big, should choose metal wheels or special high temperature resistant wheels; Where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static wheel, also can choose metal wheel ( If the ground does not require protection, ; Work environment there are many corrosive medium, should choose to have good corrosion resistance of the wheel accordingly. Polyurethane casters in order to be able to better fit the needs of different consumers, now truckle products have all kinds of different types, and the good manufacturer for its products have passed strict quality inspection, in addition to the details of the warranty, when consumer is buying can be more at ease, it is recommended that bulk purchase friend can consider to work with high quality manufacturers, have more interests. Castor if use suitable special green grease, can make the castor applies to - 40° & C to 165 deg. C high temperature. Oil pump for whole sealed, key parts imported German original have overload protection to eradicate the disadvantage of the oil, the size of the piston rod chromium plating structure is firm, overload protection, falling speed control, valve core adopts integral parts, is different from the scattered parts, easy maintenance, which makes the vehicle more adapt to the market demand. For regular cleaning wrapped around the caster stents ball running parts, wheel bearing parts of the coiling operation or thread. Most of the caster wheel bracket is made of metal, anti corrosion for the service life of the universal wheel is very important. To prevent rusting caster stents can apply anti-rust oil on a regular basis. If it is lever type caster, should be to tighten the nut or solid rivet, and ensure the equipment installation bracket without bending and pole installed correctly. Installing a caster wheel, lock nut or locking washers should be used. Expansion plug pole of castor installation to ensure that the plug rod firmly installed in a casing. Add lubricating oil regularly, wheels and bearing can use for a long time. Put grease on shaft, sealing ring and roller bearing friction parts, can reduce friction and make more flexible rotation. What is the function of add lubricating oil regularly for pu castor? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 394. html
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