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What types castor?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
- - - - - - Heavy duty castor - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. , a caster according to use can be divided into: the auto industry castor castor, medical casters, food industry, textile industry, casters, furniture casters, trolley casters, casters, and so on the airport industry, industrial casters use is very widespread application. 1. Medical truckle to adapt to the requirements of the hospital implementation of lightweight, flexible steering, elasticity, special ultra-quiet, good abrasion resistance, prevent winding and chemical corrosion resistance and other special requirements, special castor. 2. Industrial casters is mainly refers to a caster wheel used in machinery factory or products, it can be advanced of imported reinforced nylon ( PA6) , super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, integral whole product has a high impact resistance and strength. 3. Supermarket castor, in order to meet the need of supermarket shelves of mobile and flexible features convenient shopping cart needs and special research and development of castor. 4. Mainly in order to meet the need of furniture furniture caster and low center of gravity, the needs of high load production of special castor. 2, caster wheel according to the presence of rotational structure can be divided into: activities and fixed castor. Castor, commonly known as universal wheel, its structure is allowed to rotate 360 degrees; Fixed castor no rotational structure, can't turn. Usually two casters are generally use collocation, such as the structure of the trolley is in front of two fixed wheel, behind near the armrest is driven by two wheels. Three, according to the material of caster wheel can be divided into: super synthetic rubber casters, polyurethane casters, plastic castor, nylon casters, caster wheel steel, high temperature resistant casters, rubber casters, S type synthetic rubber casters, and so on. Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. The new site page, the page layout is according to the material of castor to show you. We mainly produce polyurethane casters, plastic castor, nylon casters, industrial casters, have years of experience in production and manufacturing, import and export trade, has a professional technical personnel, can be customized in the production of high quality quality, create the high quality products, tailor your exclusive products. Focus on the finished product processing, meet the requirements of your high quality of life.
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