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2 - 7 series industrial casters installation dimension in detail

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
In real life applications, industrial casters always appears in different forms in vision; Industrial casters were divided into directional casters and universal casters, although simple two categories and excellent resolution, but always not so satisfied in actual applications. Always some small problems more or less, although does not affect the overall situation, but a little limitations for our use. For example: different manufacturer may produce castor is no much difference in appearance, but the installation size may be there is a difference, so this leads to not at liberty to change and replace the wheels, so when the choose and buy in addition to pay attention to the quality of attention to the problem of industrial casters installation size, the more detailed, the accurate parameter can help to better play to its performance. Industrial casters installation size is diverse, because there are a lot of manufacturers and there are no standardized, so lead to inconsistent installation size, and so on and so forth; May be this is to prevent customers free replacement and change the caster and do a precautionary measure, strengthened the customer in accordance with the patient to prevent customer defections. To introduce the below is directional casters kaixin castor 2 series and universal casters and 4 series of universal casters installation size, convenient to choose and buy from you as well as the exchange of learning, but also compare each manufacturer of industrial casters installation size are different. Industrial casters installation dimension tables: 2 series: kay letter 2 series of industrial casters single wheel load is in commonly 80 - 200 kg of this range, so according to oneself circumstance load range and material, castor plate thickness is 4 mm, install the aperture is 8. 5 mm, and can match the metal and metal brake. 4 series: kay letter 4 series of industrial casters single wheel load is in commonly 300 - 600 kg, the caster and plate thickness is 6 mm, install the aperture to 11. 2 mm, and can match double metal, metal double brake, nylon, metal tread brake, direction lock. Six series: kay letter 6 series of industrial casters single maximum load of 680 kg, castor plate thickness is 6. 5 mm, install the aperture is 14. 2mm。 Tread brake can match metal, metal band brake, direction lock. 7 series: kay letter 7 series of industrial casters single maximum load of 2050 kg, castor floor thickness of 9. 5 mm, install the aperture is 14. 2mm。 Can match the metal tread brake, direction lock. Industrial caster wheel bearing its bottom can be jumped over thick, the greater the the aim is to improve the bearing capacity; But not the thicker the floor is better, if under the same load range, backplane materials used in the explanation of the thick plate itself will be worse. Industrial casters installation size can accurately show the specific parameters, it can make us at the beginning when selecting industrial casters or replacement after know whether accord with a standard, thus avoid buying after installation size corresponds not won't lead to install, etc. , so be sure to ask in advance good details of these parameters.
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