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2015 Shanghai castor show comprehensive explanation

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
October 27 to October 30, 2015 is the year's biggest castor exhibition, the exhibition held in the beautiful metropolis Shanghai, the exhibition site is located in the Shanghai new international expo center, and Shanghai pudong longyang road no. 2345 ( Nearly fang dian road) 。 With convenient transportation around convenient castor people travel to participate in the Shanghai show. This exhibition in addition to truckle exhibition is the most large, and this exhibition also includes other industry exhibition, which on the other hand, has attracted people to watch, traffic from the certain basis and exposure, so if you want to buy castor or want to the future career in the castor industry partners, we can seize this opportunity, explore castor manufacturers do you have in mind. A, material handling, warehousing and logistics system 1, the comprehensive transportation system; 2, logistics key systems; 3, integrated supply chain management system; 4, robotic material handling system; Second, the system and software 1 material within the computer management, material flow and internal logistics system; 2, identification technology, automatic identification system, internal logistics sensor; 3, used for internal logistics and transport logistics application software and solutions; 4, according to the industry Professional division of internal logistics and transportation solutions; Three, 1 mechanical handling equipment, cranes, crane accessories, lifting equipment; 2, lifting equipment, lifting platform; 3, manned vertical lift platform; 4, continuous mechanical material handling equipment, monorail transportation vehicle, continuous mechanical materials handling equipment accessories; 5, industrial vehicles, forklifts, fittings and accessories caster; 6, unmanned transport system, shelves access equipment, manual carrier; 7, drive technology components, Hydraulic, pneumatic) ; 8, elevator, elevators, escalators, moving platform, railcar, elevators and elevator accessories; 9, all mechanical material handling equipment accessories; Four, packaging and order picking equipment 1, warehousing and store packaging equipment; 2, weighing equipment and measuring equipment; 3, packaging and order picking systems; 5, 1, logistics management, logistics services and outsourcing 2, transportation logistics; Three, logistics and internal logistics services; 4, joint logistics, and system services; 5, e-logistics services; 6, consulting, planning, financial management and project management services; Six, storage technology and workshop equipment, storage systems, 1 shelf system, storage technology; 2, factory workshop equipment; 3, tray, container; 4, industrial door; 5, warehouse facilities and keeping clean system; 6, general storage products; Seven, 1, automobile tail plate loading technology; 2, loading and unloading platform and cargoes; 3, bulk loading equipment, containers, ro-ro; Eight, traffic engineering 1, road transport vehicles, commercial vehicles and equipment services; 2, rail transport vehicles; 3, railway transportation equipment; 4, ships; 5, road maintenance equipment; 6, parking equipment and parking equipment; 7, traffic control technology and system; 8, integrated traffic management system; October in Shanghai castor exhibition includes industry mainstream industry, brings together the various industry leading enterprise, all communication is the most direct and effective way to develop brand awareness, but also let the customer witness enterprise strength and brand quality is the most direct way. Hope that through the Shanghai castor show everyone can get a bigger harvest, business to the next level.
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